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to Galveston Island where you can be as busy as you want to be.....or not. 


Casey and Michael Farris  

own and operate Sealy Suites and live on the property. 

Casey  says “We just love living on the island and our location.” 

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The gardens at Sealy Suites are certified by the National Wildlife Foundation as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. 

According  to past and present tenants, the Farris’ take great care of the property but have an easy-going style.

 Ain’t Life Grand! 


Call 713-725-9494 or email casey@sealysuites.com for availablity.


Sealy Suites, Galveston Island...

Taking You Back to a Better Place and Time...


  Michael and Casey Farris, Owners   

Galveston...Oh Galveston...I Still Hear Your Sea Winds Blowin'...


Casey Jo and Michael Farris, Owners

Snail Mail: 1222 Sealy Avenue, Galveston, Texas

 Email: casey@sealysuites.com  Phone: 713-725-9494  






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